Pursuant to the law (law of 16 April 2003 on third-party liability insurance in respect of the use of motor vehicles), all insurance companies offering such cover authorised to operate within Luxembourg (i.e. to insure vehicles registered in Luxembourg) must belong to the Bureau Luxembourgeois, which is responsible for settling damages caused within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by vehicles registered abroad.

The Bureau Luxembourgeois undertakes vis-à-vis the parties suffering damages to have damages caused in Luxembourg by vehicles registered abroad repaired in accordance with the legal provision in force in Luxembourg.

Given that drivers of vehicles registered abroad are not obliged to carry an international certificate (countries adhering to the Multilateral Guarantee Convention see the “carte verte” [green card] section of this website), the obligations of the Bureau are upheld, in particular the obligation to indemnify victims in accordance with Luxembourg law, even if the obligation to be insured was not complied with.